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Tree Removal Service FAQs - northern New Jersey

Q: What does it mean when you say you are going to prune my tree?
A: Pruning is the cutting or removing branches or parts of trees or for improving the shape or growth of trees. This is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Usually, trees are pruned preventatively or as a corrective measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminate hazards, and increase light and air penetration. Because each cut to a tree has the potential to change the growth, it is important to educate yourself before removing any tree branch.
Q: Why shouldn't I have my tree's topped?
A: Topping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches to stubs or lateral branches that are not large enough to assume the terminal role. Other names for topping, including “heading,” “tipping,” “hat-racking,” and “rounding over.” Topping is perhaps the most harmful tree pruning practice known. It is usually done to reduce the size of a tree. Often, homeowners top their trees because they feel that they have become too large for their property and are a hazard. However, topping will make a tree more hazardous in the long term and is very harmful to the health of a tree.
Q: Why should I hire a licensed contractor with full insurance coverage?
A: Protection! Sooner or later someone has an accident do you want to be the one responsible? Any tree care professional should be a state licensed contractor, have $1,000,000 in liability insurance, have workers compensation insurance, and complete vehicle insurance.
True certificates of insurance should come directly from the insurance company to the customer and list the customer as the certificate holder. Please be street smart and do not accept copies from the contractor or listings that say the contractor is fully insured in advertising, remember your financial future could depend on it! Most landscapers carry a different type of insurance than tree companies and often when a problem occurs, do NOT have the proper coverage. Don't get caught with this problem!
Q: How do you remove a large tree stump in my yard?
A: Tree stump removal is performed using stump grinding machines. These machines have a wheel lined with carbide tipped teeth and they methodically grind the stump below the surface usually to a depth of 12” depending on the circumstances. Stump grinders come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the stump.
Q: When should I prune my trees?
A: Light pruning to remove a few small branches from trees can be done at any time of year. More extensive pruning should be done from late winter to early spring. Pruning wounds close faster when completed prior to new shoots emerging. Also, there are fewer insects and disease spores to infest pruning cuts during this time.
Deciduous trees that flower before the end of spring should be pruned as soon as possible after flowering is completed. Deciduous trees that flower after May should be pruned in early spring. Flowering evergreens should be pruned in the spring and all conifers should be pruned during the winter to reduce the sap from bleeding.
Q: When is tree removal necessary?
A: Trees are one of our most valuable assets, so removal is definitely a last resort. A certified arborist should conduct a thorough inspection to determine whether or not removal is the proper solution.
Removal would most likely be required if the tree presents a hazard or is damaged or diseased beyond repair. Often times, pruning, fertilization, and irrigation improve the health of a tree and may eliminate the need for removal.
Q: Do you offer 24-hour emergency service?
A: The force from a storm can easily overcome the strength of a trees limbs or roots. Preventative measures before storms such as pruning can avoid or minimize damage.
In the event of an emergency situation, Carney Tree Service, LLC is on call and equipped to provide you with an immediate solution.
Contact our tree removal company for an immediate response to your service requests.
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